Monday, August 12, 2013

Temple Run game 2 has become the fastest growing mobile game of all times, clocking over 50 million downloads on iOS, Android and Kindle devices in just 13 days. Game developer Imangi Studios confirmed the landmark via a press release.

Imangi Studios released the successor to the popular original Temple Run title on iOS on January 17, and the game became the most-downloaded free app within 24 hours. The game clocked over 20 million downloads in just four days on iOS alone. A week after the iOS release, Temple Run 2 was released on Android. Now, comes the news of 50 million downloads in just 13 days.

The game has broken the record of Angry Birds Space that reached the landmark of 50 million downloads in 35 days.

Temple Run 2 promises beautiful new graphics, more vibrant environs, new hurdles, more power ups and achievements. The basic gameplay stays true to the original game, which means you still are the thief behind the stolen cursed idol and continue running. But this time round, there's one huge weird-faced monkey chasing you down the temple cliffs and ruins instead of three as seen in the original game.

Commenting on the landmark, Keith Shepherd, co-founder of Imangi said, "Temple Run has evolved into something so much bigger than us. The game has performed beyond our wildest dreams, and we are thrilled that gamers and fans have embraced Temple Run 2 in such a short period of time."

As noted earlier, Temple Run 2 is successor to the original title Temple Run that was an instant hit with over 170 million downloads across the App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Marketplace.